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Interstate & International Patients

AGORA Centre sees patients from all over Australia and, occasionally, from overseas.


Surgery Locations

At present, our surgeons only operate in Melbourne. Patients who require a surgical procedure have to travel to the city for their operation. Once in Melbourne, they have a choice of hospitals depending on the surgeon, dates and specific requirements.

Preliminary TeleHealth Consultation

Preliminary consultation and review of test results done over email, or over the phone and/or, most preferably, through Skype or FaceTime.

In Person Consultation

Face-to-face meeting in Melbourne with the surgeon one or two days prior to the scheduled surgery date.

The surgical procedure

Most patients have laparoscopic minimally invasive procedures and are ready to fly back home two or three days later. Open surgery patients may require a little longer.

Other services

Our staff can hep you by suggesting accommodation near the hospitals, offering directions around Melbourne, assist with health fund paperwork, and more.