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Introduction to Pregnancy


Well informed women are able to make appropriate choices about what is best for them and their baby. Every woman should have access to all available resources to improve the outcomes for her and her baby.


From all the recent scientific and cultural advances and achievements of modern medicine, one of the most significant is the availability of information and the inclusion of the patient in the decision making process involving their care.


For most women pregnancy is not a disease or pathological condition and all they need is guidance and reassurance to help them deal with a sometimes challenging and taxing but nonetheless natural and rewarding process.


By explaining the most common types of medical actions associated with antenatal care and childbirth throughout the pregnancy, we try to make the management of labour and birth a process where decisions are made jointly by doctor and patient and not imposed or dictated by the former.


Childbirth should be a gratifying experience and every woman should retain fond memories of the event.