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Pregnancy Schedule


Each woman and each pregnancy are different. Even successive pregnancies in the same woman differ from one another. Therefore, the following schedule is just a guide, including the most common types of tests and interventions available. Not every woman will require all of them and some women in unique circumstances may require other resources not listed here.


Summary of Typical Pregnancy Schedule

6-7 weeks

Dating ultrasound (Optional).


7-8 weeks

Initial consultation and Request for Antenatal Tests (Recommended).


10 weeks

Blood test for 1st trimester screening (Optional).


11 weeks

CVS (chorionic villus sample) (Optional).


12 weeks

Ultrasound for 1st trimester screening (Optional).


15 weeks

Blood test for 2nd trimester chromosomal (Optional).


16 weeks

Amniocentesis (Optional).


19 weeks

Morphology ultrasound (Recommended).


26 weeks

Blood tests and GBS vaginal swab (Recommended).


Antenatal appointments

  • 7-8 weeks.
  • 13 weeks - After 1st trimester screening.
  • 17 weeks.
  • 20 weeks - After morphology ultrasound.
  • 24 weeks.
  • 27 weeks - After blood tests.
  • Every 2-3 weeks after 30 weeks.
  • Every week after 37 weeks.