Our Values


  • Making our patients feel special at every interaction. 
  • Knowing that 'change' is inevitable and acting quickly to minimise how it can affect patient's experience and well-being. 
  • Identifying risk and urgency to ensure AGORA is prepared to address any issues that can impact its operations, doctors, staff and patients.


  • Seeking to develop the skills attitudes and practices of an effective health professional
  • Keeping up with the latest research and innovations within the medical field
  • Sharing with our peers the knowledge acquired so that improvement is also experienced by the community at large.



  • Giving trust first
  • Being tuned to other’s needs, different ideas and perspectives
  • Recognising the impact of our actions have in others



  • Treating others like we want to be treated
  • Listening
  • Acting in a compassionate way toward others


  • Supporting each other and being ready to help
  • Sharing our resources and ideas to get things done better and quicker
  • Finding out the answers when we don’t know them
  • If it takes two minutes, do it now!