A/Prof Alex Ades
Director and Founder

A/Prof Alex Ades is the Director and Founder of AGORA. He has been involved in public and private practice as well as academic tertiary education for more than 20 years. His formal qualifications include a Master and a PhD in Medicine as well as a Master in Business Administration. He is also one of our doctors.

Mrs Monica Ades
Managing Director

Monica Ades is Agora Centre Managing Director. Her formal qualifications include a LL.B and a MPhil-law both obtained in São Paulo, Brazil, where she worked as a judge associate at the High Court of Sao Paulo, a Criminal Law assistant-lecturer and a lawyer for almost 10 years. In Australia she worked as a legal consultant and a translator while re-qualifying as a lawyer and obtaining her second LL.B at the University of Melbourne. 

In 2012 Monica Ades changed her career and helped to set up Advanced Gynaecology Melbourne and the former AGORA Centre for Women's Health.  She is now our managing director, overseeing our rebranding to Agora Specialist Centre and the expansion of our Medical Education wing. 


Mrs Natalija Homatopoulos
Business Manager

Natalija Homatopoulos is Agora Centre Business Manager. She joined the team in 2016 and since then has seen the rebranding of our centre. Natalija is also the Event Coordinator for Agora Medical Education and has been responsible in successfully hosting our past ten courses.

Natalija has extensive experience as a consultant for health care practitioners. She had her own consultancy business and has helped many doctors in the set up, relocation and problem solving within their clinics. 

Natalija brings almost 20 years of strong practice management skills to Agora and has been a member of AAPM (Australian Association of Practice Managers).




Ms Connie Rizzo
Medical Secretary

Connie is AGORA'S Medical Secretary. She has been working for AGORA since 2008 and brings to the business over 20 years of extensive Medical experience in Customer Service and Patient Care.

Her previous work experience includes being a Practice Manager in a large General Practice.

Her duty of care to the patients needs is of utmost importance to her.


Ms Marie Del Carmen
Medical Receptionist

Marie is AGORA'S medical receptionist. She has a General Registration in Division 2 and is now currently a Bachelor of Nursing student. 

Marie has over 6 years experience in medical administration. She has worked in general practice, with allied health professionals and also for specialists such as endocrinologists, interventional cardiologists and ophthalmologists.

Marie has previously pursued International Relations and Foreign Affairs studies but changed her heart after growing fond of the science in the medical industry.